Nothin' But Home

from So Low by Bill Wolford



Written about growing up in Mo. Valley, IA
And dedicated to all living there now fighting the waters.


Nothin' But Home

Raised in a town Northeast of Omaha
Not much there but soybeans, corn and people watchin’ baseball
In the distance I can hear those trains roll down the track
For thirty years that’s where my daddy broke his back
To raise a family, mom two sisters and my brothers three

Raised in a town Northeast of Omaha
Not much there, not nothing but home

Now my friends and I used to play some pretty good jokes
Sometimes we took it too far til’ some inanimate object broke
But when I compare our misdeeds with some I hear of today
I think by God we were stupid, but compared with that we were OK
Yeah we raised a little Hell, beer spilled in the car but oh well…

Raised twenty miles Northeast of Omaha
Not much there, not nothin’ at all

Now those endless highways they ain’t nothin’ but flat
And them people in them cars they all got a place they can park at
And they’ll be the first to tell ya they don’t need much
Just a few good friends, a good job and well…a new clutch
And though it may all seem boring now
Simplicity is their sacred cow

Raised in a town Northeast of Omaha
Not nothin’ there, not nothin’ at all.

Now there’s no place on this earth like a good home
Even if from here to kingdom come you do rome
And it’s all those times, experiences and memories
That get all wrapped up in the place you got to know your family
And those big cities will never be
What that little town now means to me

Cuz I was born twenty miles Northeast of Omaha
And there ain’t nothing there, not nothin’ but home


from So Low, released June 7, 2011


all rights reserved




Bill Wolford is a veteran recording artist, composer, sound designer and performer currently established in Seattle, Washington. His body of work crosses many genres from country to techno rock or from meditation music to movie soundtracks.
Recently he is recording with his band Yesod and composing cutting edge meditation music and his usual alt-folk rock.
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